The BEST Thit Kho Trung recipe

This Vietnamese classic  has fall off the bone short ribs in a savory coconut sauce.

Short ribs, coconut water, fish sauce, and a couple pantry staples is all you'll need!

📝 Ingredients

Make the  caramel sauce

This homemade sauce is 10x better than any store-bought sauce I've tried.


Stir fry the onions and garlic

Stir fry until a nice golden brown


Add chicken bouillon, fish sauce, salt, pepper, and caramel before moxing.

Add the base seasonings


Toss the ribs thoroughly into the aromatics and seasonings.

Add ribs and toss


Add coconut water & eggs

Bring to a boil, drop heat, and braise.


Serve and enjoy!

Jasmine rice and Vietnamese spinach are perfect with this!