The Best Vietnamese Coconut Candy – Mứt Dừa

When it comes to Lunar New Year, this multi-colored coconut treat is an icon! AND These fresh sliced coconut ribbons only take a few simple ingredients to make and enjoy.

These ingredients are easy to find at your local Asian grocery store.  Fresh coconut is best, but to save time you can opt for frozen shaved coconut strips too.

📝 Ingredients

Split Open the Coconut


Carefully split open the fresh coconut in half, going against the grain.

Remove Coconut Flesh


Lightly steam to easily remove the flesh. Then shave off the brown skin from the flesh.

Peel into Coconut Ribbons


Use a vegetable peeler to peel into ribbons. Then rinse until the water is clear and pat dry.

Marinate in Sugar


Toss the strips with the sugar, salt, and vanilla sugar then let marinate for at least 4 hours until syrupy.

Divide and Color


Evenly divide and color with food coloring and pandan extract. A little goes a long way as the color will darken with cooking.

Cook the Ribbons


Separately cook the ribbons on med-low heat until the ribbons dry and turn opaque.

Dry the Ribbons


Remove from pan and let dry on a drying rack.



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