The BEST umami-packed Green Bean Casserole

This casserole is made with fresh green beans, a homemade mushroom cream sauce, and crispy shallots for a delicious side your guest will love!

All of these ingredients are easy to find at your nearest big box grocery store—i.e. Whole Foods.

📝 Ingredients

Prep the Shallots

If opting for homemade crispy shallots—thinly slice and coat the shallots in flour, panko, and seasoning.


Fry the Shallots

Pan fry the shallots until crispy, and set aside on a lined sheet to dry.


Cook the Green Beans

Boil the green beans for 4-5 minutes until tender or 2 minutes longer for a softer bean.


Chill Green Beans

Immediately place into an ice bath after draining to stop the green beans from over cooking. Set Aside.


Cook down Mushrooms

Sautee the garlic then cook down the mushrooms until they release their moisture.


Add Flour

Add the flour and evenly toss the mushrooms with the flour.


Add Broth and Cream

Add the chicken broth, miso, soy sauce, and heavy cream and simmer until thickened.


Combine and Bake

Toss the green beans and mushroom sauce. Transfer to a casserole dish, and top with the crispy shallots before baking.


Serve and Enjoy!


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