How to make Mayak Eggs

This viral sensation is sweet and spicy with a simple soy garlic marinade for addicting jammy soft eggs!

Gather ingredients

• Eggs • Soy Sauce • Honey • White Onion • Scallions (green onion) • Garlic • Korean Peppers • Toasted Sesame Seeds


Soft Boil the Eggs

Boil room temperature eggs for 6 minutes, then immediately place in ice bath to cool before peeling.


Mix the Marinade

Mix together soy sauce, honey, water, diced peppers and onions to create the marinade.


Marinate the Eggs

For best results, marinate in a refrigerated, air tight container for at least 6 hours.


Serve & Enjoy

Serve over rice and drizzle with the marinade for additional sauce.

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