How to make Thit Kho Tau (Vietnamese Braised Pork Belly)  

This Lunar New Year (Vietnamese Tet) comfort dish is rich, sweet, and so easy to make!

The flavors that make this braised pork belly stand out is the Coco Rico coconut soda and fish for the ultimate sweet and umami experience.

📝 Ingredients

Parboil the Pork Belly

In a large pot of water with salt, parboil the cuts of pork belly.


Marinate Pork Belly

Mix and marinate the pork belly with the sugar, garlic, salt, pepper, and shallots


Boil the Eggs

Boil the eggs in hot water, before placing in ice bath, then peeling.


Cook the Pork Belly

Cook marinated pork belly with Coco Rico.


Add Fish Sauce and Eggs

After adding the final ingredients simmer down the pork belly until dark brown.


Pair with dark leafy greens and rice for the ultimate comfort meal.

Serve and Enjoy!


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