The BEST Korean Kimchi Mandu

These Kimchi mandu, aka dumplings, are spicy, tangy, savory, and the most addicting Korean dumpling recipe you will find! They're perfect for Lunar New Year!

These ingredients are easy to find at your local Korean grocery store or Asian grocery. The noodles can also be sourced online from Amazon.

📝 Ingredients

Cook & Mince the Filling


Cook the dangmyeon noodles, blanch the bean sprouts, and then mince.

Chop & Drain the Kimchi


Squeeze out the excess moisture to prevent a soggy dumpling.

Mix Together the Filling


The end result is a slightly sticky paste texture.

Begin Mandu Creation


Add filling to a dumpling wrapper.

Fold in Half


Wet the edges and fold close the dumpling in half. Be sure to tightly seal the edges.

Fold in Half Again


Wet one corner then fold in half again for a half moon shape.

Seal Mandu Together


Attach the wet corner to the other side, and tightly press to seal.

Cook and Enjoy!


Steam, Boil, or freeze these kimchi mandu for later—and enjoy!

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