How to make Vietnamese Sticky Rice Cakes

This Vietnamese Lunar New Year essential is full of rich, savory pork belly and mung beans.

Sticky rice, pork belly, mung beans, and a couple Asian pantry staples is all you will need!

📝 Ingredients

Soak and Marinate the day BEFORE

Prepping your ingredients in advance ensures you get a deep rich flavor and the perfect texture.


DAY OF: Cook Mung Beans

Boil, mash, and then flavor your mung beans with seasonings and caramelized shallots.


Line your Banh Chung molds

Line your mold with banana leaves to hold the cake. See link below for detailed video walkthrough.


Assemble Banh Chungs

Fill your mold with rice, mung bean, and pork belly. See link below for detailed video walkthrough.


Tie and Cook Sticky Rice Cake

Properly tie the cake before cooking. The leaves will lose their color during the cooking.


Enjoy you Sticky Rice Cake.

These cakes goes great with pickled vegetables!


BONUS: Try these cakes smashed and pan fried.

For an incredible crispy texture, try this out!


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