How to make Korean Rice Balls (Jumeokbap)

Korean rice balls are made of short-grain white rice that rolled into compact balls filled with tuna for a bite-sized snack.

The ingredients for this snack can easily be found at your local grocer. And the filling is completely customizable

📝 Ingredients

Make Tuna Filling

Mix together the canned tuna, mayo, and seasoning then set aside.


Season the Rice

Add sesame oil and salt to your warm rice then mix together.


Assemble the Rice

Fill a plastic lined measuring cup with rice. Remove the ball.


Flatten Rice, Add Filling

Press the rice flat into a disc and add a ball of filling.


Form into a Ball

Press rice around filling, and squeeze into a ball.


Tightly Squeeze Rice Ball

Twist the plastic wrap to tightly squeeze the rice ball packed.


 Season the Rice Ball

Unwrap the rice ball and roll in a small bowl with seaweed seasoning.


 Season the Rice Ball

Pair with a square of seaweed and enjoy.


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