How to make Coconut Pandan Jelly

This popular layered Vietnamese dessert pairs coconut and pandan jelly for an irresistible summer treat!

You can find the ingredients for this coconut pandan jelly at your local asian store. Fresh pandan is recommended, but you can use pandan extract exclusively also.

📝 Ingredients

Juice Pandan Leaves

Puree the pandan leaves with water and juice with a cheese cloth.


Cook Pandan & Agar Agar

Sweeten the pandan juice and blend with agar agar before simmering on the stove.


Cook Coconut Layer

Simmer the coconut milk with agar agar and a knot of fresh pandan leaves for enhanced flavor.


Pour First Layer

Pour 1/3 of Pandan mixture into your glass dish.


Pour Coconut Layer

After the Pandan layer has set, pour the coconut layer.


Alternate Layers

Continue to let the layers set before alternating flavor layers.


Slice & Serve

These jellies are best served sliced into bite-sized squares. See more Vietnamese treats on the next slide!


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