The best homemade Bò Kho (Vietnamese Beef Stew)

This traditional Vietnamese stew is made from scratch with beef, carrots, and a variety of aromatic spices and herbs

The key ingredients to this beef stew are the cuts of beef, vegetables and aromatics.

📝 Ingredients pt. 1

There are plenty of premade seasoning blends for Bo Kho, but they all fall short in comparison to this homemade blend. These spices are readily easy to find at your local Asian grocery store.

📝 Ingredients pt. 2

Parboil the Beef


Parboil briefly with the aromatics before cutting into large chunks.

Marinate the Beef


Toss the beef chunks with all the seasonings to marinate for 4 hours or preferrably overnight.

Toast the Spice


Toast the star anise and cinnamon stick on low heat until fragrant.

Prepare Beef Stew


Add the beef to the sauteed aromatics to cook, before adding coconut water, other aromatics, and water to simmer.

Cook Carrots


Caramelize the chopped carrots, shallots, and spices.

Combine Stew and Carrots


Remove the aromatics from the stew, before seasoning and adding carrots.

Thicken Bo Kho


Thicken the Vietnamese beef stew with a corn starch slurry.

Serve and Enjoy


Serve with a baguette, fresh herbs, and sliced limes.

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