EASY 10 minute Gyeran Bap  (Korean Egg Rice)

This simple yet delicious Korean breakfast requires only a few pantry staples for a savory egg and rice dish in minutes!

The ingredients for this gyeran bap are basic pantry staples with maybe the addition of seaweed snacks. All of these items are readily available at most grocery stores.

📝 Ingredients

Fry the Eggs

Fry the eggs until sunny side up and cooked to the desired doneness.


Prepare the Rice

Add freshly cooked rice to a bowl and top with the butter.


Add Egg and Seasoning

Top with the fried eggs, sesame oil, soy sauce, green onion, and toasted sesame seeds.


Mix to combine

Break the yolks and mix to combine.



Enjoy this rice with seaweed snacks and kimchi for a delicious easy meal!


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