Chinese Chicken and Broccoli in UNDER 30 minutes

This better-than-takeout chicken and broccoli stir fry is a great healthy option for those busy weeknight dinners.

With just a couple Asian pantry staples, you're minutes away from delicious savory Chinese chicken and broccoli.

๐Ÿ“ Ingredients

Marinate the Chicken

After slicing the chicken, allow it to marinade for soft tender meat.


Mix the Sauce

Combine all the sauce ingredients, mix, then set aside.


Cook the Chicken and Broccoli

Pan steam the broccoli and lightly cook the chicken and set aside.


Cook Aromatics then Mix

Cook the ginger and garlic before mixing back in the broccoli and chicken breast.


Pour in Sauce and Mix

Mix until combined thoroughly.


Plate and Serve!

Pair with jasmine rice for a delicious well rounded meal.


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